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Ongoing education is crucial for all medical professionals, as new technologies and techniques are made available to treat patients in more effective ways. At Kung Eye Center, our surgeons are leaders in the field of ophthalmology and frequently speak or instruct other eye care professionals through various events and conferences.

Kung Eye uses the latest cutting edge technology to provide the best possible care to our patients

Cataract Surgery Instructor at National Eye Conferences

Dr. Kung is an international lecturer on cataract surgery, other eye surgery procedures, and eye diseases. He frequently lectures or instructs in wet labs at the nationally recognized meeting “Cataract Surgery: Telling it Like it Is,” founded by Robert Osher, MD. This annual meeting brings together the most experienced surgeons to share cutting edge and off-label procedures that can help restore patients’ vision and eye health. Through the meeting, doctors like Dr. Kung can share information freely about new procedures that they believe in and find beneficial for both patients and surgeons. The annual meeting has been held in Florida since 2010.

In addition to the “Cataract Surgery: Telling it Like it Is” meeting, Dr. Kung has published many articles on eye disease and surgical techniques and lectured nationally and internationally at various conferences and events. As a leader in his field, Dr. Kung is regularly chosen to educate other ophthalmologists across the country in cataract surgery.

Continuing Education Events for Local Eye Care Professionals

Kung Eye Center frequently hosts continuing education events to instruct local eye care professionals or visiting ophthalmologists about advances in laser cataract surgery, premium lens implants, and diagnostics. Dr. Kung and Dr. Yu also offer education on glaucoma advancements such as minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) or laser vision correction.

Dr. Kung was fellowship trained in cornea and retina diseases and frequently hosts educational events regarding corneal diseases like keratoconus or Fuchs’ dystrophy as well as treatment options like corneal cross-linking, PK, DSAEK, and DMEK.

Testimonials from Real Patients

“Dr. Kung and staff get 5 stars. From the moment I made my appointment, to my last follow-up visit; I experienced nothing but excellence. Dr. Kung explains everything in detail, makes sure you understand and encourages questions. I had bilateral cataract surgery with results above my expectations. I no longer wear glasses.

“I’ve had cataract surgery for both my eyes by Dr. Kung. It was the most amazing experience I’ve had. Dr. Kung himself is an absolutely brilliant doctor and surgeon. His staff sets the example by which excellence can be measured. The facility is beautiful and spotless and I highly recommend using Kung Eye for any ophthalmology needs. Thank you.

“I recently had corrective lens surgery performed by Dr. Kung with amazing results. I no longer require glasses for reading or distance (driving, tv viewing etc.). Dr. Kung and his staff are consistently friendly, helpful and provided excellent care pre-, during and care anywhere. I would definitely recommend the Kung Eye Center for the treatment of any ophthalmological disorder.

“Dr. Kung and Dr. Chen are wonderful. Coming from 40 years of excellent care from my prior ophthalmologist, who just retired, I had high expectations, and those have been met! The office is well-run, and all the staff have been kind and competent. Thank you!

“Dear Kung is an absolute genius! In my opinion he is the best cataract surgeon in NY city.

“State of The Art Facility and doctors. Exceeded my expectations. Extremely careful regarding Covid19....Everybody wearing masks, etc. Thank you

“I had cataract surgery with the light adjustable lens. Surgery went very well. Staff is very professional, friendly and courteous. Highly recommend.

“Kung Eye Center is great! Dr. Kung, his doctors, technicians, and office staff run the eye center with precision, efficiency, intelligence and most of all, with caring and empathy. All medical facilities and offices should be run as well as Kung Eye Center. I am now on the road to the best vision I can have. I highly recommend Dr Kung and the Eye Center. You will be very pleased!


Learn More at Kung Eye Center

Dr. Kung and Dr. Yu are both passionate about ongoing education and offer training and educational events at Kung Eye Center. To learn more about upcoming courses and events for local eye doctors, contact Kung Eye Center at [email protected].

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