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Clear the Way for Improved Vision

If your vision is obstructed by floaters, our Staten Island and East Brunswick, New Jersey practices can treat you using a revolutionary new technique that is painless and non-invasive, with a fast recovery time. These conditions, which the sufferer often perceives as moving shadows and quick bursts of light (called flashers), can adversely affect your quality of vision – and your quality of life. Until now, many who suffer from floaters have been told that they had no choice but to live with them. Fortunately, Kung Eye Center is using cutting-edge laser technology to help patients enjoy clear vision once again. If you are experiencing floaters with or without flashers, the doctors at Kung Eye Center can conduct a thorough examination to determine your needs and the best treatment approach. To learn more about our treatments, please contact our practice serving Staten Island and East Brunswick today.

What Are Floaters?

Vitreous is the jelly-like substance that fills the eye. It helps the eye maintain its shape and helps keep the retina in place. As we grow  older, the microscopic fibers in the vitreous can begin to clump, which casts annoying, distracting shadows against the retina. If the resulting “floaters” suddenly become more frequent, or are accompanied by quick flashes of light, it may indicate a torn retina or other medical emergency. Dr. Kung can perform a thorough examination of your eye to determine whether the floaters and flashers you experience are signs of a more serious condition. Our sophisticated treatments can help you regardless of your level of need.

Our Treatments 

Dr. Kung provides advanced laser treatments that can clear your vision of floaters and, if necessary, repair a torn retina. By using an ultra-precise FDA-approved ophthalmic laser, Dr. Kung can focus physical energy on floaters, obliterating them to a density that no longer obstructs your vision. Depending upon your needs, the treatment may only take about 10 minutes. Once the floater has been eliminated, it will not reappear. However, if you find that some fragments continue to obstruct your vision, they can be eliminated in a follow-up visit. You can expect a full recovery within 24 hours of treatment. Laser treatment for floaters is not suitable for all patients. In some cases, surgical replacement of vitreous with a synthetic compound may be a better solution. Dr. Kung can help determine which treatment is best for you.

If your floaters are accompanied by flashes of light, and a torn retina is determined to be the cause, Dr. Kung can use another advanced technique called photocoagulation. This involves the use of a laser to place tiny burns along the edges of the tear. The burns will produce scar tissue that seals the tear. Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but can take several months. During your consultation with Dr. Kung, he can provide you with the estimated recovery time in your specific case.

Overcome Vision Obstructed by Floaters and Flashers

In the past, patients around the world have had to simply accept the fact that their vision is permanently hindered by floaters. However, revolutionary laser treatments are giving many sufferers a new lease on life; within minutes, irritating floaters can be eliminated painlessly. To learn more about how Dr. Kung’s advanced techniques can eliminate floaters, please contact our office today by clicking HERE .