Second Opinion

Some diagnoses can be serious and a patient may want a second opinion. As a leader and innovator in the eye care field, Kung Eye Center is uniquely qualified to offer one. Getting a second opinion is a good way to ensure you get a correct and thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.  There are a variety of reasons to seek a second opinion and it is your right as a patient to do so.

You may wish to seek a second opinion if:

  • You feel you have been diagnosed incorrectly with an eye disease
  • You wish to confirm your candidacy for eye surgery such as LASIK
  • You are not satisfied with your physician’s responses to your questions or concerns
  • You wish to see if a different doctor can offer a new perspective to a situation or offer a different course of treatment
  • Your contacts sometimes fall out or are poorly fitted
  • You just don’t feel satisfied with your current care

If you are seeking a second opinion, give us a call today at either our Staten Island or East Brunswick offices.