World Class Cataract Surgery Instrutor at National Conferences

Dr. Kung National Conference

World Class Cataract Surgery Instructor at National Eye Conferences

John S. Kung, MD is an international lecturer on eye diseases and surgical procedures, and has published many articles on eye diseases and surgical techniques. His expertise and innovations have made him a valuable asset to the Ophthalmology community and he is often invited to speak at ophthalmology conferences all over the world. 

Dr. Kung is a frequent lecturer and wet lab instructor at the nationally well known annual meeting “Cataract Surgery: Telling it Like It Is” that was founded by Robert Osher, MD. Dr. Osher started his annual meeting with the goal of bringing together the most experienced surgeons at cutting-edge and off-label procedures to teach without restricting information. Dr. Osher’s meeting brings together the best surgeons in the world and allows them to teach freely and talk about surgical techniques without bureaucratic gagging and regulations. The speakers who attend do so because they believe in what they do and have a real passion to share it with the world to benefit both surgeons and patients. This meeting, held annually in Florida, has grown far beyond just Cataract Surgery since its inception 2010. 

In addition to lecturing both nationally and internationally, Dr. Kung is a frequent instructor for new surgical techniques and will often have other eye doctors refer difficult cases to him or visit him in the OR to observe his technique.