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Common Eye Problems to Watch Out for as You Age

Most of our organs age with us and lose their initial strength, including our eyes. According to the Vision Council of America, 1 in 28 people aged 40 years and above have some eye problem. In this article, you will learn some of the leading age-related eye problems and their solutions.

The Macula is a portion of the retina that contains many cells that are sensitive to light. It is responsible for detailed vision such as reading. Age-related macular degeneration is characterized by loss of cells in this area which can lead to blurred or distorted vision.

There is no known cure for this condition. However, at Kung Eye, we offer treatments that can slow down the condition’s progression. Some of the treatment options we offer include drug therapies, laser therapies, vitamin supplements, and low vision aids.


From the age of 35-40 years, our eyes begin to lose focus, this is referred to as Presbyopia, which is Greek for “old eyes.” It is a condition that refers to the inability to see close objects or small prints. Presbyopia makes daily activities like reading and working with computers challenging.

Fortunately, at Kung Eye, we can help you improve your vision and reverse the effects of these eye problems. You can get perfect reading glasses or multifocal contact lenses to correct or enhance your vision. We also offer Refractive Lens Exchange which can be an option for those with Presbyopia. Our doctors can improve the strength of your prescription as needed.

Floaters and Flashers

Floaters are specks that drift across the field of your vision. These specks or spots are easily identified in a well-lit room or outdoors with ample light. Floaters are normal, especially as patients age, but they can also indicate a serious eye problem like retinal detachment.

If you notice a change in the type and number of these specks, you should visit our health practitioners at Kung Eye. You will receive a thorough evaluation to determine where the floaters/flashers are coming from, as well as an expert opinion about what to do next.

Dry Eyes

Tears are essential as they provide lubrication and moisture that help you see and keep your eyes comfortable. As you age, your tear glands may fail to produce enough tears to lubricate your peepers. The lack of enough tears is the condition referred to as dry eyes.

Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable and can even lead to vision loss. At Kung Eye, you can get quality health services to reverse the condition. Our health practitioners may prescribe humidifiers, special eye drops that stimulate tears.


Tearing is a condition where tears flow from your eyes uncontrollably. It is a condition that results from eyes producing excess tears or improper drainage of the tears. Tearing can occur if you are sensitive to wind, light, or temperature changes. Moreover, it is a condition that occurs when your tear gland drainage system is blocked.

People often shield their eyes with sunglasses, which may not solve the problem. You may be suffering from blocked tear ducts or severe eye infections. Doctors at Kung Eye can help diagnose and treat any problem causing the tearing eye disease.

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