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Light Adjustable Lens

Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness, but cataract patients can now benefit from advanced technology that offers clear vision. One such option is RxSight’s Light Adjustable Lenses, a specialized type of intraocular lens that can be implanted in the eye to replace the natural lens damaged by cataracts. Kung Eye Center was the first practice in both New York and New Jersey to offer this option to cataract patients.

What is a Light Adjustable Lens?

RxSight’s Light Adjustable Lens, or LAL, is an intraocular lens that can be adjusted by your ophthalmologist after cataract surgery. A LAL is made of photoreactive polymers, meaning that the prescription can be adjusted by your surgeon using a specialized UV light or a Light Delivery Device. This allows for changing prescriptions in your intraocular lenses after they have already been implanted. LALs have been shown to achieve clearer vision without requiring glasses compared to other types of intraocular lenses. The percentage of patients that can achieve 20/20 vision is nearly double that of basic mono-focal implants.

Who Can Benefit from a Light Adjustable Lens?

Light Adjustable Lenses are beneficial for patients who wish to have the highest quality of vision. It works especially well in patients that have previously had vision correction surgery like LASIK, PRK, or RK but now require cataract surgery. It can also be useful for patients who are interested in blended monovision and need cataract extraction or for those who want the most precise outcome after their cataract surgery. Typically, patients who undergo cataract surgery require reading glasses. Many LAL patients can see clearly without needing any type of glasses.

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The Light Adjustable Lens Procedure

The LAL implant procedure typically occurs during cataract surgery. Cataracts cause the natural lens of the eye to become clouded and rigid, which results in blurry or darkened vision. This requires the removal of the cloudy lenses, which are then replaced by artificial lenses—in this case, the LAL. After you have healed from surgery, your surgeon can adjust the LAL according to your prescription using a UV light or Light Delivery Device. For most patients, the eyes have sufficiently healed to begin adjusting the lenses after about two weeks. Typically, this is completed over the course of two to four treatment sessions, with each only taking about 90 seconds to complete.

Many patients choose blended monovision with their LALs, which means that they will no longer require reading glasses. Following the treatment, your doctor will give you UV-blocking glasses to promote healing and ensure the intended outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions about Light Adjustable Lens

How does the Light Adjustable Lens work?

An ultraviolet light will be shined onto your eye after surgery in the doctors office. The lens will change shape based upon this

What are the advantages of the the Light Adjustable Lens?

Patients will see the clearest with the Light Adjustable Lens compared to any other implant because the prescription can be changed after surgery in the doctors office

Is it covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance

What are the risks involved with the Light Adjustable Lens?

The major risk of this implant compared to other implants is that the lens can change shape on its own if patients do not wear the UV blocking glasses which are provided to the patient after surgery

Will I need glasses afterwards?

The Light Adjustable Lens is a monofocal lens so each individual eye can be tuned for distance vision or near vision. Many patients can decrease their dependency on glasses by having one eye tuned for distance vision and one eye tuned for near vision

How many adjustments will I need?

The adjustments are generally done 2-3 weeks after surgery. Each eye will need a minimum of 3 adjustments. The adjustments are done a minimum of 3 days apart.

How long will I need to wear the UV blocking glasses for after the Light Adjustable Lens?

You will have to wear the provided UV blocking glasses at all times except for sleeping or showering for approximately the first 2 months after surgery

How long will the Light Adjustable Lens last?

The Light Adjustable Lens will generally last you lifetime once it is implanted

How long do the light treatments last?

The light treatments generally take 40-120 seconds to complete

Are the light treatments painful?

No. There is no pain associated with the light treatment

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