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Innovators in Our Field

Dr. Kung, the Surgeon Director of Kung Eye Center, played a key role in the development of laser eye correction. While training at Columbia University, he worked with the doctors who created and tested the laser used in LASIK surgery. Since then, he has invented instruments used widely in the field, and authored “A Patient’s Guide to LASIK,” a resource that explains the complex procedure, as well as its benefits and risks, into easy-to-understand terms. He has published studies on the safety of vision correction surgery, and served as a consultant to the Canadian military. Fellow ophthalmologists often observe Dr. Kung at work in the operating room to learn new techniques and study new equipment in action.

Dr. Kung’s mastery in ophthalmology means you will receive thoroughly informed recommendations for vision correction and maintenance, and that your treatment will be expertly performed for the best possible results. Kung Eye Center’s consultations are complimentary, and we welcome patients to ask any questions and voice all concerns.

We strive to take care of each patient, not just as a number, but as a member
of our family.

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Providing Life-long Eye Care

Our practice performed its first LASIK treatment shortly after the approval of the procedure by the Food and Drug Administration in 1995. We are proud to say that that first patient continues to visit us to this day for eye care. We strive to build ongoing relationships with everyone seeking our expert care. We believe your vision is an invaluable asset, and our mission is to help you preserve it for the rest of your life. We care deeply about our patients and would be honored to work with you on the path to improved vision and improved quality of life.

Kung Eye is a World Class Instructor & Leader in the Field for Continuing Education