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October is Contact Lens Safety Month

Contact lenses are typically a secure and reliable method of vision correction as long as the wearer strictly adheres to the instructions of an optometrist. However, using contacts can raise your risk of eye infection, especially if you don’t properly care for them.

The Basics of Contact Lenses

All contact lenses are controlled as prescribed medical equipment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, vending contact lenses without a valid prescription from an optometrist is against the law. Prevent Blindness, an eye health and safety organization, strongly advises everyone to seek the advice of an optometrist before buying and using contact lenses. Fortunately, we have specialists at Kung Eye Center who have received considerable training in the methods and technologies needed to create and fit personalized contact lenses.

How to Safely Use Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can safely and effectively correct refractive vision problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness. However, if you don’t utilize them correctly, you may face various side effects that may eventually impair your eyesight.

To keep your eyes safe from any disease caused by harmful microorganisms, please adhere to the contact lens safety guidelines below:

  • Before touching your eyes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them completely.
  • Avoid going into the water while using contact lenses.
  • Never clean or put your contact lenses in water.
  • Use the prescribed lens care methods and products to wipe, sterilize, and store your contact lenses.
  • Never wear your contact lenses for more than the maximum duration your optometrist prescribes.
  • For overnight storage and disinfection, always use a contact lens storage case.
  • Don’t share your contacts with anyone.

Are Contact Lenses Right for Me?

Contacts are available in various wearing schedules, which specify how many days and nights they can be worn without being removed or cleaned. They are also available as hard or soft lenses; hard lenses are typically used by people with keratoconus, astigmatism, or allergies.

The type of lens you choose might also vary based on your job, the activities you are involved in, and other lifestyle habits. By choosing the appropriate eyewear for your activities, you can prevent many injuries to the eye.

Since eye injuries can impair your sight and general eye health, knowing the finest contacts to acquire is crucial. Your optometrist can identify if you’re a good fit for contact wear and will recommend the most appropriate lens to fit your eyes.

Discover More About Contact Lenses During Your Consultation

Most individuals use their eyes to view and comprehend the world around them. Therefore, basic eye checkups are crucial since having your eyesight corrected can enhance the quality of daily living.

At Kung Eye Center, our optometrist will evaluate your lifestyle and health conditions to determine which type of contact will be appropriate for you and your circumstances. Schedule a consultation today to determine if you qualify for contact lenses.

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