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What is Bladeless LASIK?

The newest advancement in laser eye surgery, bladeless LASIK, offers patients a unique experience. The technology creates an environment that all but eliminates discomfort during the procedure and creates a faster, more convenient recovery period. At Kung Eye, we are experts in bladeless LASIK, and you can consult us for a self-test regarding common eye problems.

The Basics of Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK is a new eye procedure that uses a laser to reshape your cornea and improve vision. The key difference between bladeless LASIK and traditional LASIK is that the former uses a laser to access the cornea, while the latter uses a blade.

In traditional LASIK, a tiny oscillating diamond-tipped blade is used to create a small flap in the outer layer of your eye in order for the laser to target the corneal tissue. With bladeless LASIK, a second femtosecond laser is used to create this flap, meaning the procedure is essentially the same, but the method is more comfortable. The changes in curvature of the cornea created by the laser is then used to treat nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Advantages of Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK surgery has a few advantages over traditional laser eye surgery. These advantages include more safety, less discomfort, and better outcomes.

The femtosecond laser causes a little less damage and offers a higher level of precision than a physical blade. Using control tools such as a suction ring allows the surgeon to make a very fine flap in either case, but the laser can be even more precise.

Bladeless Lasik removes the human factor and further ensures your laser eye surgery is as effective and consistent as possible.

The Bladeless LASIK option allows the surgeons at Kung Eye to perform laser eye procedures on patients with thin corneas or scarred corneas. In traditional LASIK surgery, these patients are not ideal candidates for the procedure.

Is Bladeless LASIK Right for You?

With the rise of bladeless LASIK, many people wonder if there’s any reason to have traditional LASIK anymore.

The process is virtually pain-free and has less risk for complications because no blade is involved. Because of this, it can be used even for people who are sensitive to anesthesia or have thin corneas.

Because of these factors, bladeless LASIK may be recommended to more people, although traditional LASIK procedures are still highly effective ways to achieve permanent vision correction without the need for contacts or glasses. However, it’s more expensive than regular LASIK surgery. Due to the need to use two separate lasers, the cost can become a factor to some people, which means a regular LASIK treatment may be more accessible to people with certain budgets.

Learn More About Bladeless LASIK During a LASIK Consultation

The ophthalmologists at Kung Eye Center are happy to talk to you about your options for permanent vision corrections with LASIK procedures, including bladeless LASIK. This exciting new technology is helping thousands around the New York and New Jersey area free themselves from the frustrations of corrective lenses. Discover if LASIK is right for you by calling our office or contacting us online to set up your first appointment.

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